Why are my Insurance Rates Increasing ?

The Current State of Insurance Renewals

Rates are increasing in every state at a record pace.

Here are the most common responses we hear each day.

  • My Rates Went Up and I have never filed a claim.
  • ​I have been with my company for years. Why do they do this to me ?
  • I am leaving you guys, you just screw everyone over and it cannot be legal.

We Take The Hassle - And The Price Hikes - Out Of Insurance Renewals

A done for you service to help beat the insurance companies?

Imagine The Time, Money, And Headaches Saved If You:

  • Never got another insurance rate increase.
  • ​Never missed another discount on your insurance rate.
  • Never again overpaid for insurance coverage.

Our Discount Discovery Technology helps you do just that! 

Insurance rates are Skyrocketing, 

here's Why.

There are still some things we can do to help mitigate ( lessen ) the  insurance industry's endless price hikes.  

Our Discount Discovery Technology will find missing discounts and help you soften or avoid rate increases.

Your policies will renew at the best and lowest rate possible.

 Simply schedule a time to talk with our Famously Friendly Humans. 

This will NOT be a sales call.

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What Does this have to do with me ?

Is there anything I can do ?

A Quick Review of why ? 

  • Sorry for this, but A Quick Reality Check - What isn't going up in prices right now ?.
  • ​Insurance Companies  -  are paying more to fix cars, more to buy wrecked cars.
  • Supply chain issues are affecting insurance companies too. Parts are frequently delayed.
  • Staffing at Body Shops has been impacted, takes much longer to fix cars.
  • ​There is no A-team anymore, entire processes that worked seamlessly, now don't.
  • Large Number of Claims Employees at many companies, opted for early retirement during Covid. ​
  • ​The early retirees, coupled with supply chain nightmares and increased claims costs, added delays.
  • ​Used Car prices used to average $8,000 now exceed $17,000. But premiums calculated for much lower replacements. 

RateGuard Is Also An Effortless Way 
To Make A Difference

Every insurance policy contributes to the following causes:

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